Bad Hand and Good Friends

Had a fairly eventful couple of weeks. I had minor surgery on my left hand at the Pulvertaft Hand Unit in Derby which has left me out of action for a while, in the mean time I`ve been trying some home recording I did a session with local singer songwriter Dan Kierton and the songs sound great! Hopefully post a couple with his permission. Start tracking drums for The Exiles pre production demo tonight, I know this is going to be a long process, it always is! We're doing it all DIY so there'll be plenty to learn a long the way.

Caught up with a few of my old music college mates the past week, saw Mark Crew and Woody at the Bastille show last Saturday and randomly bumped into Ollie and Toby Couling (drummer for Nina Nesbitt and Noisettes) while  watching Brother and Bones last night.

Also Booked a gig with DisFUNKtional for Good Friday at The Orchestra Pit in Buxton, so hopefully see some people there!

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